Don’t fit in Church? We’ve got you

A totally adictive

and fun way to find a higher power online

Designed not to be seen, only heard.

Designed not to be seen, only heard. With confidential text messaging, no one is judged on how they look, behave, dress, or who they are. A better way to begin your journey.

No judgment lives here!

No Judgement

All Inclusive. Never Exclusive.


Keep what’s private. Private.

Always Free

We’re not bragging, it’s Free Forever.


Make A Space For Those Who Have Lost Faith In People, Lost Faith in God, Lost Faith In The Church.

  • Feel like you don’t belong or fit in church?
  • Walked away from your faith?
  • Feel like you’re being judged?
  • Stuck between culture and faith?

We are a reaction to outdated church injustices that pushed you away.

Say hello to a new breed of ministry…

Welcome to 9941.

Step 1: pick a date

Schedule a chat session.

Welcome to 9941 support. Our team is here to help.

Step 2: communicate comfortable

1-to-1 Text Session.

Finding your faith starts by listening to you. Answer a few questions and we’ll help you find answers

Step 3: get matched

Designed To Explore. Designed To Discover. Designed For You.

Easy. No Pressure Way to start your journey. Get Matched with our unique community, online sermons, and banging worship music that speaks to you, not at you.

Why does 9941 work?

Built to break down barriers….

in all new ways

Unlike traditional church…

We take a NON-traditional approach

Traditional Way

Religion = Rules


In-person Church

New Way = 9941


Not Religion

Crazy Love



Not Conversions

Ready to start living the life you love?

A small message.

A giant step.

Meet the Rebels of the Faith Fam on The Gram.

Join the revolution.

Join the rebellion.

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