Your spiritual journey just got a major upgrade. (woot, woot)

Your about to fall in love 😍 with an out-of-control, radical, CRAZY, online, messy move of God… (aka ministry done different bb 🎉)

Quick Question: y/n?

You walked away or were pushed away from your faith by your parents, church, or Christians ???

TBH, apparently, you’re not only one, there ’s a lot, like a lot, a lot of millennials who have left too…

you’re so not alone!

AND that’s why you’re here, bc your spiritually curious and this cool new online “ministry” with personality sounds like your kinda tribe….

You could totally get down with God first, but accessorize second…


Well, let’s find out if this is meant to be or just a one-time-website fling?

You’ve got Q’s AND

we got A’s…

“What’s up with all the talk about “crazy” and hot messes?

We all visit “crazy town” and ride the “crazy train” from time to time 🤪. People made me think it’s a bad thing, especially “churchy” people.

When I accepted my “crazy” thinking, and leaned into it, something magical happened. God loved it 🙌, my CRAZY was beautiful to Him.

SPOILER ALERT- He works better in the mess.

“Let’s go deeper, shall we?”

I was sent by the universe to help you connect with amazing pastors, messages, and music online. I just do it different. 😉

I take a 1-On-1 text message approach so our convo stays non-judgmental, 100% confidential, and 100% free.

No rushing your journey, I don’t try to convert you, I don’t tell you where to go to church. No lectures.

You’re smart enough to make your own decisions. I’m just a wingman, hooking you up. 🤙

Let’s talk street “cred”

From 1 rebel to another

We get you because we are you. 💪

The Messy Years

I am 100% fluent in CRAZY.  I believe a balanced diet is tacos in both hands… 🌮🌮

I don’t have all the answers, I am not always right, and I don’t even read the Bible every day, but I do have a love for those hot messes + skeptics keeping it 💯 raw and real.

I never went to “church camp” or felt called as a teenager to ministry. I loved smoking weed and bumping Tupac too much in high school for the “God thing”.

Did you make any mistakes as a teenager and look back and wonder what the hell you were thinking? Me too…A few of my tattoos and moving out at 18.

My life from 18-27 is a blur.  By 27, I was admitted into a rehab center because I couldn’t stop drinking. I started to go to 12 step meetings for recovery and found God.

16 years later in sobriety, the universe came knocking and told me it was time to grow.  It was a bible verse… Luke 15- 4-7 the parable of Jesus leaving the 99 sheep for 1.

Drumroll… Leave the 9941 online ministries.

My promise to you, this is not a religion, it’s a relationship. It’s real and messy, and if we ever hop on the phone, don’t be offended by my Texas swang accent of “ya’ll”.

I want to have a reputation for hanging out with people who have reputations.

I am going to ask you to take a quiz at the bottom of the page, so I can match you with an online pastor who fits your style. But, I’ll go first…

What Disney character are you?

Aladdin. I have long hair like him, I can relate to being called a “street rat”, and have lied to get a girl to like me. (Never thought I’d say that on the internet 😳)

People are surprised when I tell them?

I am a 4th degree black belt and operate a martial arts school full-time. I usually get the “Ki-ya” noises right after that… So annoying… 😒

What’s on your most recent playlist?

Biggie and Maverick City Music 🎧… Yes I listen to Hip Hop and Worship Music. I know you OCD Christians think I’m sinner because of it. Get over it….

What’s your favorite sports team?

Dallas Cowboys 🤠.. You either love them or hate them. There is no in-between.

Favorite pastor online?

  1. Steven Furtick
  2. Mike Todd
  3. Rick Warren
  4. Francis Chan

Last show or movie you binge watched?

  1. Loki
  2. Sons of Anarchy
  3. Mean Girls
  4. Friends

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Fix your own house…

not the white house.

– Geno

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