Don’t fit in Church?

We got ya!

A totally adictive

and fun way to find a higher power online

No judgement actually lives here…

“You seriously invite frizzy haired drama queens, feisty fearless millennials, hot messes, outcasts, and hear-me-roar- LGBQT + kinda ppl?

…Yup… Isn’t that what no judgment means?

(PLUS anyone who splurges on a pint of ice cream after a messy break-up or your guilty pleasures are trashy Netflix binges)


no judgment really really means no judgment here…. 👏

Not ready to step into church?

… no worries…

Best believe you can start a highly personal spiritual journey right from your phone..

Yay or nay?…

Starting from your phone is a “no-brainer” bc no lie, you are on it 24/7 already…Right?

And here’s a super juicy secret….(in my quit voice) God does NOT want to fill buildings, he want’s to fill hearts (mic drop)….

Religion pushed you away?

… stay calm and read on …

Here’s the TRUTH AND What YOU (millennials) have to say…

Let’s talk Christianity:

what do you think of it?


87% of you say it is…
31% church is boring…
78% irrelevant. Yup!

What else?..Tell me more…

“Christians say one thing and live another”- Victoria 24

Hypocrital? 85% think so.

Keep going? What else?

“I feel like church teaching on sexuality is behind the times”- Dennis 24

Anti-homosexual? 91% say so.

We are the reaction to these not-so-awesome, annoying, & out-dated church norms…

Say hello to a new breed of ministry for a new generation….



All Inclusive. Never Exclusive.



Keep what’s private. Private.


100% Free.

We’re not bragging, it’s Free Forever.

Why does 9941 work?

Built to breakdown barriers, in all new ways




Cheesy fake B.S.

Real life

Done messy




(yup we did it and you’re totally welcome 🙂

Here to offer, A No B.S, Not Scary, Actually, Super Simple Approach To Start Your Spiritual Journey

3 simple steps

Step 1: pick a date

Schedule a chat session.

Welcome to 9941 support. Our team is here to help.

Step 2: communicate comfortable

1-to-1 Text Session.

Finding your faith starts by listening to you. Answer a few questions and we’ll help you find answers

Step 3: get matched

Designed To Explore. Designed To Discover. Designed For You.

Easy. No Pressure Way to start your journey. Get Matched with our unique community, online sermons, and banging worship music that speaks to you, not at you.

“Everyone in my church gave me advice about how to raise my son, but a lot of the time they seem to be reminding me that I have no husband- and besides, most of them were not following their own advice. It made me hard to care what they said. They were not practicing what they preached”

Victoria, 24 (we hear ya)

“Christian are too concerned with converting people. They are insincere. Al l ever hear is”Get Saved!” I tried that whole “Jesus thing” already. It didn’t work for me before, and I am not interested now

Shawn, 22 (We feel ya)

“Many people in the gay community don’t seem to have issues with Jesus but rather those claiming to represent him today. It’s very much as “us-vs.them” mentality, as if a war has been declared. Of course each side thinks the other fired the opening shot” 

Peter, 34 (We agree with ya)

Ready to start living the life you love?

A small message.

A giant step.

Join the revolution.

Join the rebellion.

Time To Find your “pastor vibe” in under 60 seconds.

Take our ridiculously fun (AND CRAZY ACCURATE)  quiz to find your “pastor personality” match.

Can we all stop pretending that religion…

hasn’t pushed you away

– Geno

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